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Privacy Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions relating to the website can be found on this page.

This website does not gather data or information from those using its services.  No cookies are employed on this website and no data collected as a result of any form of communication with this website will be utilised by us or sold on to any other third party.

If you have any queries regarding this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how me may help you.

All information held by and put forth by this website is subject to change without prior notice, though it is held to be correct and accurate at the time of publishing.  All recommendations as to games, companies, developers and online slots and casino providers are based on opinion only and we here at cannot be held responsible for any actions or events which take place as a result of anyone following any of our links to other 3rd party websites or entering into any form of relationship with any of the slots providers mentioned, recommended or referred to herein.

All deals, bonus offers and games listed upon this site are correct at time of publishing but we recommend that you check that all the information is still the same before you enter into any form of arrangement, contract or sign up with any online casino in the event that they have changed their terms and conditions.  We cannot be held accountable for any changes to any terms and conditions and bonuses which take place subsequent to going to press.

It is the responsibility of each and every person to read the full terms and conditions of any online casino or online slots provider before they sign up and deposit money with them.

Should you find that you have developed a problem with your gambling and that it is becoming an addiction more than a hobby, please ensure that you seek appropriate help.

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