I’m Ruben.  I have come up with this site because I’m MAD ABOUT SLOTS!

Since the age of 17, I first came into contact with slots machines and things haven’t been the same since.  I obviouly called them something different growing up (les machines à sous), because I hail from Belgium.  But I moved out to the UK when I got a placement at a university here studying English, and never left.  I still go back, at least twice a year, to see my family, (mostly my Aunt, as my parents have both passed away).  I still go religiously to the casino arcades to play the slot machines there.  But in addition, I now play slot machines online.

“But it’s not the same” I hear you say…

No… indeed it’s not.  It’s WAY better playing slots online than it is playing it in an arcade or casino.  For one thing, you can do it whenever you like.  Day or night.  On the way to work; or even on the way home from work; or waiting for your doctors appointment… it literally takes the boredom away from any situation: you can even play it under the table when you are having Sunday lunch round at your in-laws, (though I wouldn’t recommend getting caught for that one)!

You don’t have the noise, you don’t have the people knocking into you and you don’t have the inconvenience of having to travel all the way to the casino or arcade… Yup – this online slot machine thing has really caught on!

I have spend a great deal of time playing and assessing the merits of the different online slots providers in Belgium, and have discovered that some are better than others, depending on what your preferences and parameters are.  You will find my work here  at slotsonline.be.

So, head on over to the licensed providers page on this site to see who does what best.

If you have any questions about the slotsonline.be site then get in contact with us!